Fuck Off, Ryan Sorba (or Right-Wing Homophobes Are Very Silly People)

2011 Miami Thanksgiving 6782
Flying Proudly In Honor of Ryan Sorba

So, right-wing Victim of the Gay Agenda Ryan Sorba recently spammed me with more of his questionable “reporting” in order to spread his homophobic hate message.

Feeling in no mood to listen to yet another ignorant RWNJ try to turn himself into a martyr of people he thinks are not due the same basic civil liberties he enjoys himself, I casually told him to fuck off and never spam me again. His response?

Perhaps I’ll put your HATE rant on my blog with your photo?

Oh. Wow. I’ve only been doing media appearances since the 1990s. Shit. Whatever shall I do? Will I need a restraining order? He has been the subject of such in the past.

So, is his blog gonna get me more exposure than CNN, NPR, C-SPAN, Al Jazeera, HuffPostLive, SAT-1, YLE, Atlantic Monthly, Good Men Project, Associated Press and dozens of other local, national and international media (not to mention dozens of book citations)? In 1997, I also founded the first of two internationally read and widely cited online magazines. Silly, simple, undisciplined wingnut, my name and picture are already all over the place.

Let’s see, I also spent six years on active duty in the United States Marine Corps to include being deployed to Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. In addition, I spoke publicly about being raped, was a member of multiple non-partisan civil liberties coalitions and was a plaintiff on a lawsuit that went to the U.S. Supreme Court regarding civil liberties violations of the Bush era Justice Department. I promise you, your little hate blog ain’t shit compared to what I’ve already weathered over a 20+ year career of public activism and military service.

So. Again. In clear and unambiguous language:

Fuck off, Sorba. Never spam me again.

But we can still be friends, right?

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