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Positive Testimony

“James Landrith, you’re a champion all the way through to the bone. And Sir, what’s especially wonderful is that you’re our champion.” – Leo Y. “Ireland” Abdulmalik

“…the James Landriths and Ward Connerlys will be remembered as the abolitionists of our time…” – Radley Balko

“I applaud James for another outstanding piece.” – Ronald Bronson, Jr.

“This is a powerfully compelling op-ed.” “This is superb, truly superb!” – Ward Connerly

“Keep up the good work.” – Major Cox

“Be sure to check him out – he’s a very good read.” – Lisa English

“I nominate James as an Honorary Brother!” – Casey J. Lartigue, Jr.

“…a guy I need to add to my blogroll …” – Gene Healy

“This guy is awesome” – Miss Le Fey

“…good to read an actually independent-minded libertarian, not an Administration-apologist…” – Norbizness

“You have to appreciate his passion.” – Keith Vance

“I agree with James Landrith. Its time to grow up.” – Dr. Timothy Wilken

“Like Mr. Landrith, I agree that…” – Armstrong Williams


Anger from the haters, bigots, trolls and other dangerous types

“…you dirty arrogant bastard.” – Roderick T. Beaman, D.O. — (EDITOR’S NOTE:  Yes, I am a dirty, arrogant bastard when I am right.)

“…I absolutely CANNOT STAND YOU.” – Joan Caradine — (EDITOR’S NOTE:  A well-known troll who has been banned from several multiracial discussion forums.)

“His professionism and intrgity soons to loose all affect.” – Rose DesRochers — (EDITOR’S NOTE:  Can someone please translate this into English?!)

“…googles himself more often than anyone I know…” – Miss Poppy Dixon — (EDITOR’S NOTE:  Actually, what happened is that I followed traffic in my site activity reports back to Dixon’s web site.  Keeping up with her trend toward dishonesty, Dixon claims this is Googling oneself.  Site activity reports have nothing to do with the search engine giant Google.com or ego-surfing.  The real issue is that Dixon has a axe to grind with and has expressed outright hostility toward multiracial people who identify as such rather than submitting to the racist one-drop rule.  Rather than having the courage to admit that publicly, she instead attacks me for setting the record straight about a vicious lie she posted on her web site regarding my online magazines.  She has no integrity with regard to this issue, as her attacks on self-identifying black/white multiracials in the About.com Race Relations forum demonstrate.)

“How wonderful a world would it be if people thought you to be as great as you think you are.” – Genizizi — (EDITOR’S NOTE:  A well-known troll who has been banned from several multiracial discussion forums.)

“James Landrith is clearly a low level monkey boy.” – Lord Matt — (EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is a particularly offensive insult to lob at someone with half-black children and a black wife.  One could quite easily and reasonably come to the conclusion that Matt had racist intentions and hate in his heart given his choice of words.  Matt thinks that posting lies and making slurs is hilarious and cute.  I don’t share that child-like world view.)

“…i personally think you and your kind should be taken out and shot. the white man is going to come back strong and send chickenshits like yourself off to hell where you belong. could not find a decent white woman to have you..” – Valerie Sessions — (EDITOR’S NOTE:  Typical of the type of violent, racist garbage I’ve received over the years since founding The Multiracial Activist.)



  1. My cowardly, anonymous critic – as you violated one of the clear, and easy to comprehend posting rules – you have 24 hours in which to prove that I am “full of crap,” “ill-informed” and “over-compensating” before your email address and IP address are banned permanently and published on the website as a known troll.

    The clock is ticking.

  2. You didn’t “stumble” onto this website. You specifically googled my name. This much is evident based on the site activity reports. And given you posted defamatory comments immediately, it is obvious you came here with an agenda pre-formed.

    Do you normally make sweeping generalizations based on secret evidence you refuse to reveal, all while posting anonymously?

    I don’t allow cowardly, anonymous lies to be posted here. Your name has now been applied to all of your postings. Either release your secret evidence to me, retract your baseless allegations or apologize for same and I\’ll take down your cowardly remarks.

    As far as your first posting being your opinion and yours alone – that is a childish excuse that shows you lack the maturity to discuss serious matters like an adult. You asserted the claim and did so on my property. Explain yourself and substantiate it – like an adult.

    I expect posters here to act like big boys and big girls. You have repeatedly failed to do so.

  3. Oh, please anything but that. How would i ever live with myself. The all mighty racist Landrith is going to ban me.

    If you don’t get it, i’ll explain: I DON”T CARE.

  4. Yes, but i kept my name off here for a reason. So if you don’t mind please remove it. And i don’t feel that i need to explain my first post that is my opinion and mine alone. But if you feel the need to ban me please do. I stubbled across this site and i don’t feel the need to come back after what i’ve seen.

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