Social Conservatives Want You To Get Off Their 1950s Lawn (or Confusing Race and Gender Identity)

Please Keep Off the Grass
Please Keep Off The 1950s Grass

Today, I have seen so many simple-minded, irrational, hyper-emotive, immature, hateful and childish comments from people who skew right and use religion regularly to promote their hate. So many have gleefully (and childishly) hijacked the issue of Rachel Dolezal’s dishonest self-representation (to include using a fake father for a public appearance) for their own trans-phobic purposes and hatemongering over Caitlyn Jenner. Hijacking random issues and then using false equivalence as some sort of ultimate truth is a common practice for those bent on creating a theocracy and prone to bearing false witness for their evil cause. Yes, promoting hate and bigotry IS evil.

Nick Gillespie, writing for Reason, explains here:

But it turns out that what conservatives dig most about Dolezal is that she is a punchline regarding not racial misrepresentation but gender identity. Hence, conservative folks are using Dolezal’s unmasking to yet again mock Caitlyn Jenner, the 1976 Olympic decathlon champion and reality TV star formerly known as Bruce.

As I said, false equivalence is their usual go-to when in full-blown, get-off-my-1950s-lawn rage mode. A person publicly and loudly announcing a major change to themselves, such as a gender identity does not = pretending you were born a different race and then using a stand-in as your father to further the charade. Of course, that doesn’t matter because the endgame is forcing their own beliefs down everyone else’s throat, preferably via the state and backed with goons with guns.

As Nick Gillespie said while referencing a great breakdown of this spectacle via Doug Mataconis:

“Obnoxious jerks can have a lot of fun, but winning over large numbers of people to join their cause is typically a casualty of such mean-spirited hoo-larity.”

In 2015, social conservative bigots have largely begun to resemble toddlers throwing a tantrum in a department store because mommy wouldn’t buy them the toy they saw on the shelf. It is interesting to watch for a time, but eventually the grown ups have better things to do with their time – like cleaning up decades of their messes.


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