Please, Ask Cristina – About Something Other Than Male Rape Next Time

I fully expected some idiots and clowns to say evil things after my appearance on The Huffington Post's HuffPost Live (When Predators Are Women) on November 30th.  Then, The Huffington Post put up a snippet of my comments as a teaser (When Predators Are Women – James Landrith's Story).  Sheesh.  I didn't expect the horrible mockery and victim-blaming on the second video they posted though.  I'm not going to engage the idiots who posted there.  They don't deserve my time or any part of my life spent on them.  They can rot it whatever purgatory they personally believe exists.  However, I did decide to engage one of my critics and mockers.  This one required a response.


Advice blogger Cristina Robinson recently watched part of my interview with HuffPost Live on "When Predators Are Women."  For those of you who are new readers, this is my story with more detail:


Posted by Cristina on Twitter:


A pregnant woman drugged and raped him. I wonder how was he able to get an erection and be raped more than once. #liar

Posted on her Facebook profile:


A pregnant woman drugged and raped him. I wonder how he was able to get an erection drugged and be "raped" at different times …. SUPERMAN!!!

Posted on her Facebook Page:  


I see … she was pregnant … drugged him … then raped him. He was drugged and he was able to get it up and be raped. Listening to this guy, I was laughing so hard …. poor baby. And he call himself a survivor of rape. Then he woke up of his wild dream.

I really fucking love how she used scare quotes around the word raped to minimize what I experienced.  Clearly, there is a lot of compassion in this woman.  Oh, and she "was laughing so hard."  Wow.  Fucking wow.  And she likes to give people advice?  Here's some advice for Cristina.  DON'T FUCKING LAUGH AT RAPE SURVIVORS.  Got that?  Then she goes on to say "poor baby", implies I am not really a rape survivor and calls my rape a "wild dream."

So, let's start with erections.  Yes, I was able to get an erection. It is basic biology. It happens to men in comas as well.  Use your favorite search engine and your brain.  Try to be an actual human being some day instead of someone who makes jokes about rape survivors and promotes mythology in ignorance.


Cristina, and people like her who KNOW EVERY FUCKING THING ABOUT ERECTIONS YET DON'T HAVE PENISES, need to understand that male survivors are CONSTANTLY belittled, laughed at and told they wanted it – not just by men, but often by women – like Cristina Robinson, for instance. Put yourself in the place of a man who was raped by a woman and spoke about it publicly. I really don't think I'll ever be able to accurately explain how hard it is to be met with not only skepticism, but open mockery.  I have heard enough of that garbage over the years and it is extremely triggering and unacceptable.


Wild Dream?  Really Cristina?  REALLY?  Having a baby used against me as a human shield was not a "wild dream" to me.  Being drugged and overpowered through a nasty threat  and treated like a piece of property, not a human being, was not a "wild dream" to me.  Knowing that I'd be openly mocked by knuckle-dragging troglodytes for the rest of my life if I even mentioned is not a "wild dream" to me.


It was, and in some ways, still is a fucking nightmare.  How dare you?

In response to my comments on her Facebook Page, she offered the following:


Actually, I received a lot of flak in private for this one and since then, I have done some research and learned a few things that blew my mind. Thanks for commenting publicly. Sometimes is good that we show ignorance, and if we have our minds open, afterward, we can learn from it. It can be very enlightening.

She actually did apologize as well, which is something most victim-blaming assholes don't do:


Now, I do. My sincere apologies.


Cristina didn't just show ignorance, she showed an utter lack of compassion and OPENLY MOCKED a rape survivor.  She did that and seemed quite pleased with herself in her initial comments.  Laughing so hard?  LAUGHING SO HARD?  For fucking real?

While I accept and appreciate her apology and understand she has learned a few things since then (like basic fucking human biology), my forgiveness is not going to be forthcoming anytime soon.  I'm still too pissed off at the arrogant ignorance and outright MOCKERY she displayed in her callous and immature comments.

From her Facebook Page, after she read about Judge Derek Johnson's incredibly ridiculous claims regarding rape that women's bodies "will not permit that to happen":


My God … to think that a man who is supposed to be educated, can utter such a garbage ……

Yeah, you would think that people in the 21st Century would be past thinking that biology is a magical panacea to preventing a rapist from commiting a rape.  You'd be wrong and quite surprised at how many people seem to know NOTHING about biology and yet  are quite eager to throw that ignorance in your face without shame.  

You know, like assuming that an erection equals consent and then "laughing so loud"?  Fascinating how that shit works one way for some people, but not the other…

From her Facebook page it says, "Cristina writes about affairs of the heart. Hopefully the posts will help people make permanent changes in their lives and in their success!"

She has certainly made an impact in my life.  Perhaps she should stick to what she knows, given her extreme and gleeful ignorance with regard to male rape.  Please, just pick a different topic next time.  Pretty please?

Yeah, I'm a little triggered and a lot pissed off.  I think I've earned the right.

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