Getting Things Done (or Hero Worship Is Not My Bag, Baby)

I've been involved in many advocacy efforts and worked with a lot of organizations on a wide variety of issues over the years, starting with the multiracial movement, libertarian and anarcho-libertarian philosophies, a plethora of civil liberties issues and now with various sexual violence efforts.  I've earned my "doing something" stripes over and over again with the requisite lost friendships, haters and death threats to go along with it.

I don't do hero worship and have no time for the cultishness that pervades many ideological conversations and communities.  I'm in it for change and the outcomes.  Where I agree with an organization or person's views or advocacy work, I tend to agree strongly. Where I disagree, I will not mince words or whitewash my disagreement simply because an organization or person is respected or in a position as a figurehead in said community or ideological movement.

When in disagreement with a particular stance or action, my philosophical beliefs trump any admiration I may have for any organization or individual or their influence in said community or ideological movment and always will, without apology. Period.


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