Merger Complete!

I’ve finally finished the merger of my old WordPress installation with this Mambo CMS.  Long-time readers know this website began with Blogger, then MovableType, on to WordPress and finally to the Mambo CMS you see today.

YES!!!!  This has been pending for nearly a year (see the Website Updates category under News/Blog Archives for more).

All WordPress blog entries and comments have been imported and reformated.  The old WordPress blog has been completely deleted.  This should improve download times and certainly liberated a bunch of my server space.  Some subject archives have been merged as well (see News/Blog Archives on right).  The sports, movies and television, and music categories have been merged into a new category – Popular Culture.  The interracial marriage and multiracial identity categories have been merged as well.  There will likely be more consolidations in the future as the thought occurs to me.

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