More Genetic Variations

James Owens of National Geographic News on DNA Varies More Widely From Person to Person, Genetic Maps Reveal:

Scientists say that surprisingly many large chunks of human DNA differ among individuals and ethnic groups.

The research also suggests that humans have less DNA in common with chimpanzees, our closest living relative, than is widely supposed.

The new findings, based on several studies, will have dramatic implications for research into deadly diseases, the researchers add.

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Scientists have discovered that there are a greater number of differences in humans' DNA than previously thought.

The international team of researchers behind the discovery claim that it could have a dramatic impact on treating diseases as it will change the way scientists search for genes involved with diseases.

Publishing their findings in the Nature journal, the researchers, led partly by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (WTSI), describe how they created a map of DNA segments, with each segment containing at least 1,000 base pair differences between individuals.

The map was drawn up by analysing the DNA from 270 individuals from four populations with ancestry in Europe, Africa or Asia.

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  1. This information will no doubt be overlooked and countered by the egalitarian majority here, who still promote the ridiculous claim of \”equality\” amongst all the world\’s peoples, races, genders, regions, etc.

    1. I look at it as continued edification of the concept that we are all separate individuals. These new discoveries only further destroy the concept of \”static\” biological \”races\” as believed by the average American – something many of us involved in the Racial Privacy Initiative mentioned time and time again.

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