Yesterday, Wil Wheaton ( had this to say on nostalgia (

"It's music, too: Squeeze, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Cure, The The, and Oingo Boingo."

"It's movies: Batman, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Dawn of, Night of the Living, and Day of The Dead."

"It's not talking to girls, but spending an awful lot of time talking about girls."

"It's a longing for the uncomplicated simplicity of those years, years which we were convinced were anything but uncomplicated or simple at the time."

Wow. I feel you on that Wil.

XM Radio, eMusic and iTunes has really kicked me in the ass with nostalgia as I listen to the 80's channel, Fred, Ethel and Lucy and download tracks from iTunes and eMusic to purchase new releases or replace my old cassettes as well as older releases I never got into when they were new.

When I feel old or overwhelmed with the responsibilities and problems of 2006, I can always retreat into a good album from my youth. Like Wil said in one of his podcasts, music is more than background noise, it is a soundtrack for life. I rely on my iPod and XM Radio to supply that soundtrack. I simply cannot stand local radio anymore (a separate issue).

Once the music starts, I can see faces I had forgotten, places I'd like to visit again and I'm left with a feeling that turning 36 won't necessarily be so bad. The days of my youth were memorable and sometimes even enjoyable, but I don't want to repeat that phase.

I just want to remember it.  And prepare for the future.

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