Getting Down to the Marrow

Patrick L. Barry and Dr. Tony Phillips, writing for N.A.S.A., on An Odd List of Body Parts – Researchers are making a list: Which parts of an astronaut are most sensitive to solar flares?

Picture this: An astronaut, on the Moon, hunched down over a rock, hammer in hand, prospecting. Suddenly, over his shoulder, there’s a flash of light on the sun.

The radio crackles: “Explorer 1, come in. This is mission control.”

Explorer 1: “What’s up?”
Mission Control: “There’s been a solar flare, a big one. You need to take cover. The radiation storm could begin in as little as 10 minutes.”

Explorer 1: “Roger. I’m heading for the Moon Buggy now. Any suggestions?”

Mission control: “Yes. Make sure you protect your hips.”

Good advice for those of you planning to spend a little time in Luna City.

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