Stop Making Collectivist Assumptions

A posting in the Libertarian Party forum at MySpace got me posting there again. The following was written in response to a typical pro-“racial” profiling advocate’s remarks here.

As a libertarian, I fail to see why it is the government’s job to screen ANY passengers for commercial airline traffic. Period. It is not about “hurting people’s feelings, ” “political correctness” or whatever excuse we want to use for violating the Fourth Amendment these days. Unless, of course, such rights are to be granted solely on the basis of skin color or ancestral origins.

I don’t care what country someone is from, or where some of their ancestors happened to originate. The government has no business jacking up ANYONE at the airport unless they have specific information on that individual and/or a warrant to back that up.

Privatize the airports and let the airlines handle their own security in their own manner.

And let’s stop pretending that making collectivist assumptions about individuals (racial profiling) on the basis of the actions of OTHER individuals is a libertarian concept.

Privatize. Leave people alone. Stop engaging in collectivist assumptions.


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