Children Victimized By System Secrecy

Wendy McElroy, writing in The Multiracial Activist, on Children Victimized By System Secrecy

Denise Moore is the Indiana caseworker who recommended taking 4-year-old Anthony Bars away from a loving foster mother and placed him, instead, with a couple who starved and beat him to death over a 10-month period.

Had Moore bothered with the required background check, she would have known that the new "home" had a long record of abuse within the child protective services and that the new "father" had a felony battery conviction for savagely beating his own daughter with an extension cord.

This piece demonstrates the tragic consequences of matching children with parents on the basis of "racial" classification. A child removed from a loving foster parent with the 'wrong' skin color is not magically better off in a home with parents who 'look like' him, regardless of what my angry friends at the National Association of Black Social Workers would have me believe. This particular brand of "racialism" has put a little boy in an early grave. Read the rest here.

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