One Reason for Force Shortages

Alex Knapp on More Casualties of a Deeply Stupid Policy:

I’m sorry, but at a time when we’re engaged in active military operations in the United States, discharging Arabic and Farsi speaking linguists for being gay is deeply stupid. The whole ban on gays in the military is just self-destructive and makes no sense.

I’m in agreement with you Alex. I served with many closeted homosexuals in the Corps from 1989 – 1995. I witnessed a “witch” hunt for homosexuals in my unit in 1992. Anyone who didn’t spend their nights drunk and in the company of strippers was automatically under suspicion (unofficially, of course, we wouldn’t want any paper existing to implicate the individuals conducting the hunt.)

The only thing that destroys unit cohesion and morale is a pussy of CO that lets garbage like who is gay and who’s not distract from accomplishing the mission. Tell the men and women that the ban is lifted and they can either get with the program or get acquainted with the UCMJ. You’d be surprised how fast the issue would cease to be a problem. Would everyone be happy? NO. But that’s not the point, it isn’t about making everyone happy, it’s about following orders and accomplishing the mission.

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