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  1. “Rob said: “”Apparently trackbacks don’t work on your blog either.””

    I still can’t figure that problem out. They initially worked, then they stopped showing up. I had reinstalled WordPress in an attempt to get them working and finally forgot about it.

    Under “”Discussion”” located in the “”Options”” menu, I’ve always had this checked: “”Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.)””

    “”Allow Pings”” is automatically checked for all posts, in accordance with the above, but the trackbacks simply never show up.”

  2. “Rob, I just visited this url and downloaded two files that may fix the trackback problem:


    UPDATE: I just successfully pinged the url above. The zip file located at the url contained two edited files that fixed my trackback problem. I am now sending and receiving.”

  3. Rob Carr says:

    You got me to do it, too!

  4. Rob Carr says:

    Apparently trackbacks don’t work on your blog either.

    You’ll notice UnSpace is now on the map!

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