For those using WordPress, this page is an interesting way to map the WordPress portion of the blogosphere.

Ya’ll know I ran to submit this blog. I look forward to wasting a nice chunk of time there checking out blogs I would likely never have encountered in my normal travels on the web.

Rob Carr has a related post here.


  1. “Rob said: “”Apparently trackbacks don’t work on your blog either.””

    I still can’t figure that problem out. They initially worked, then they stopped showing up. I had reinstalled WordPress in an attempt to get them working and finally forgot about it.

    Under “”Discussion”” located in the “”Options”” menu, I’ve always had this checked: “”Allow link notifications from other Weblogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.)””

    “”Allow Pings”” is automatically checked for all posts, in accordance with the above, but the trackbacks simply never show up.”

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