Letter to the Editor of Philadelphia Inquirer

June 19, 2017

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Stance hurts rape survivors


After reading Managing Editor for Opinion Sandra Shea’s commentary about columnist Christine Flowers, I can appreciate that Shea is conflicted (“Controversial Cosby column: Christine Flowers’ editor speaks,” Philly.com, Wednesday). However, she is still giving a platform for a disgusting rape apologist to spread misinformation, lies, and shaming that actively harm rape survivors. This type of rhetoric emboldens those who hate survivors who break their silence. This type of rhetoric gives permission to call all of us liars.

When you enable that type of harm to persist, you don’t get any points for being conflicted, but you do get a share of the blame for the harm Flowers does to those of us who have experienced sexual violence.

Please, keep publishing her rape apologist drivel, but don’t insult our intelligence any further with the “peace” you’ve made with it.

Also, maybe find a local rape crisis center and spend a little time helping the people Flowers is harming. You at least owe us that.

James Landrith, Alexandria, Va., james@jameslandrith.com



  1. Re. “One month isn’t enough” 3 Feb,2019.

    There are two groups that secured your right to bloviate on the Editorial pages of the Inquirer.
    One group gets ONE day in May,the other ONE day in November.

    1. I have absolutely no idea what the actual fuck you are talking about Tom. Why did you post this comment to my personal website on a letter I wrote to the Inquirer nearly 2 years ago???

      Also, you are clearly alluding to veterans in your comments about whatever letter, article or commentary has you annoyed. News fucking flash bubba, I am a Marine Corps and Gulf War veteran. Stop using our sacrifices for political talking points. You are on my property here. Respect is owed and expected.

      Do. Not. Do. That.

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