Spotlights Are Not The Problem

February 19, 2017
The Multiracial Activist
From the Editor:

Today, I signed (on behalf of The Multiracial Activist) a few new coalition letters in support of whistle-blower protections.

It feels good to see civil liberties work escalating on this issue again. I’ve been involved on whistle-blower campaigns several times over the last two decades. I honestly don’t care who that upsets. If government (and fascist apologists) truly want to address whistle-blowing, then stop engaging in abhorrent activities that beg to be exposed to the light of day.

Sorry to disappoint both Trump and Clinton apologists, but those candidates were open supporters of retaliation, suppression, silencing and yes – state-sanctioned murder with regard to the treatment of whistle-blowers. Neither showed an ounce of courage in honestly addressing the actual issues exposed.

When the person exposing a crime is hated more than the crime itself, that speaks volumes about the corruptibility of power and the cult of personality that protects the powerful.

Power is the problem, not the spotlight.


James Landrith
Founder and Publisher
The Multiracial Activist
and The Abolitionist Examiner

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