Advocacy Letter to Senators Kaine and Warner and Representative Beyer on Sexual Violence Funding

December 28, 2016

Dear Rep. Donald Beyer, Senators Timothy Kaine and Mark Warner:

As Congress considers the Fiscal Year 2017 federal budget, I ask you to support funding for programs that support survivors of sexual violence and hold perpetrators accountable for these crimes. Specifically, I am asking Congress to:

  • Release adequate funding from the Crime Victims Fund to guarantee states’ VOCA state assistance grants meet their needs.
  • Include at least $35 million for the Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP), which provides critical funding to local programs for victims of sexual violence.
  • Support the Justice Department’s Vision 21 program, which encourages the use of research, evaluation and technology to more efficiently serve victims of crime
  • Include at least $125 million for DNA programs that support work to prevent and respond to backlogged, untested DNA evidence from unsolved sex crimes.

As your constituent, a survivor of sexual assault in the Marine Corps and a public speaker on sexual violence, this is important to me, and I will look for your support.


James Landrith

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