Progress and Loving

As someone who has dated and married interracially, I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. As the founder of The Multiracial Activist, I am really looking forward to this film to see one of the people I most admire portrayed on screen.

People do need to be reminded that it was truly not that long ago that this ridiculous, religiously motivated marriage barrier fell. It wasn’t because of a grand call to activism or a staged case with cherry-picked plaintiffs.

No, Mildred Loving simply wanted to live with her husband – at home in the same community where they both grew up. That’s truly not a lot to ask.

So many of us owe a debt to Mildred’s unwillingness to accept the racism and anti-miscegenationist practices of the Commonwealth of Virginia. For my friends engaged in activism today who are pessimistically pondering what the future will bring, perhaps it would be healthy to take some time to remember what others have done before you.

All is not lost and progress will continue as long as people are willing to keep doing the work.

James Landrith
The Multiracial Activist


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