Loving the “Sinner” But Hating the “Sin” Isn’t Actually a Thing (and Stuff)

Loving the “Sinner” But Hating the “Sin”

Isn’t Actually a Thing (and Stuff)



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So, after the horrible mass murders of a mostly Latino and Black LGBTQ group of club-goers in Orlando, social media is getting stopped up again with self-congratulatory bullshit.

As Christians and social conservatives, when you talk about how you don’t “condone” someone’s “lifestyle”, but then claim to love them anyway, you demonstrate a bizarre and troubling behaviour that desperately need to be examined. You cannot reduce a core part of a person’s being, a piece of their humanity to a “lifestyle.” By doing so, you are claiming that facet of their humanity is a trivial choice, rather than a key part of who they are as an individual and how they relate to their environment and the world as a whole.

A person’s gender identity or sexual orientation is not a “lifestyle” or a “choice”. It is an essential part of their identity and their personhood. When you refuse to see that part of their personhood as legitimate, you are not acting in love. You are setting yourself up as their superior and working from a position of judgment and condescension. You are rejecting them as a whole and complete human being by reducing their existence to the status of a broken object that needs to be either repaired or discarded.

That isn’t love in any shape or form. An emotional stance that denies another person’s identity is not loving. Such an attitude lacks compassion and promotes group-think and conformity over the right of the individual to exist. The promotion of such a belief system is absolutely a function of hate, demonstrates a lack of understanding of even basic human psychology and communicates extreme arrogance.

No one is fooled anymore.

Please. Just. Stop. Already.

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  1. If I heard the TV correctly, Angel Colon’s father, when interviewed on a cable news channel, said he told his son that God had given him a second chance to live better. By live better, I wonder what he meant exactly? Probably a lot of those comments flying out of family members of survivors.

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