So, Turnabout is Not Actual Advocacy (or How to be a Shitty Person 101)

So, yeah. When I talk about arrogant, clueless, third-wave “activists” co-opting male survivors as talking points – this shit right here is the fucking poster.




As a male survivor, I am used to people thinking they have made a profound point when using gendered shaming against male survivors, while ignoring the fact that we experience our own versions that are just as destructive and ugly. I have experienced it firsthand myself and found it lacking in humanity, emotional maturity and empathy. People engaging in such “gotcha” advocacy are usually lacking in competency with regard to male survivors and our issues. They are too busy being arrogant and ignorant to take the time to get educated. They are extremely toxic and have no business advocating on behalf of living, breathing survivors.

On a good day, they are simply incompetent. On a bad day, they can do real damage to a survivor.

Jesse Metcalf Green makes the mistake of assuming only the gendered types of shaming she mentions are all that exist.

Jesse Metcalf Green makes the mistake of assuming that male survivors don’t experience similarly horrible shaming, blaming and hate.

Jesse Metcalf Green makes absolutely no mention of the trauma she arrogantly turned into a talking point about female survivors.

Jesse Metcalf Green has utterly failed to be an ally or even a decent human being. For those interested, this is the story that she co-opted to make the “women have it worse” argument at a teenage boy’s expense:


Sorry, Jesse Metcalf Green. You have failed at Human Being 101. 


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