Losing to Hate (or Ignorance and Fear are not Virtues)

love and hate
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Travis Gettys, reporting for Raw Story on, Muslim woman shot at and another nearly run off the road in Tampa after leaving mosques:

Someone fired at least one gunshot at the woman as she drove away from the mosque in east Tampa, near Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, reported WTSP-TV.

She was not injured, and police have not identified or arrested a suspect.

Another Muslim woman reported a man threw rocks and other items at her and tried to run her off the road as she drove away from a mosque in New Tampa.

This is unAmerican behavior. This is cowardice. This is fear. This is hate. This is what an undereducated mob looks like in real time.

If you co-sign this hate, please go away now and never speak with me again. I truly have no use for you.

I didn’t serve my time in uniform to support the oppression of other human beings simply because so many Americans seem to have more mouth than brains. This country is full of hate now. Ignorance and emotion have replaced intellect, compassion, truth and maturity.

I grew up in a small town where so many people are full of so much hate toward people they’ve had little to no contact with in their entire lives. The same people I see hating Muslims are the same people I see hating African Americans and atheists and anyone who is not heterosexual, white and Christian. It is an ugly and sickening spectacle.

I have hired Muslims. I have promoted Muslims. I have befriended and worked with Muslims. I regularly do business with Muslims.

The most touching thank you that I’ve ever received from a former employee was from a young Muslim woman who was having a really hard time adjusting to adult responsibilities and felt like quitting. I challenged her excuses and her abilities, mentored her on professionalism and conflict resolution, listened to her fears and would not accept childish reasons for failure. Years later, she graduated from a competitive program at a great school and reached out to me to say that believing in her helped her to believe in herself.

That is the America I want to live in, not the current spectacle of hate, fear and mob mentality. I did not represent that America when I wore a uniform. I refuse to participate in it today.

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