Statement on Life and Death of Julian Bond



The Multiracial Activist
Statement on Life and Death of Julian Bond

I had a lot of respect for this man, even while disagreeing vehemently with the NAACP’s utterly repugnant, indefensible and outright hostile views on the right of multiracial individuals to self-identify as they see fit.

I did get the honor of serving with Bond on the In Defense of Freedom coalition starting in 2002 ( His advocacy encompassed a wide range of issues and interests. I was grateful to be granted the opportunity to work with him and so many others on vitally important civil liberties issues in the early to mid 2000s. We started with opposition to Congressional and Bush Administration attempts to ram opportunistic domestic surveillance schemes and illegal infringements on civil liberties through Congress and the regulatory process via scare tactics, parliamentary games and outright lies and kept talking together as a loosely affiliated group of civil liberties and policy advocates.

It was an honor to put my name and my publication’s name alongside that of Julian Bond on issues of mutual concern, putting aside those issues where we did not and could never agree.

RIP, Professor. Your work is done.


James Landrith

Founder and Publisher,
The Multiracial Activst
and The Abolitionist Examiner

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