Transphobic Hate Is Not “Supporting the Troops” (or Kindly Shut The Fuck Up)



If people really want to help veterans, hijacking us for socially ignorant memes and transparent political talking points do NOT = actual support. Many of us have homelessness, emotional and mental traumas, long-term physical injuries, employment barriers and other issues you can actually DO SOMETHING to lessen or alleviate. Hating on Jenner or other trans individuals is NOT “supporting the troops.” You are simply USING us as talking points and weapons when the mood suits and the hate swells.

Let me know what YOU PERSONALLY plan to DO, not what you HATE and the latest talking points you are going to repeat ad nauseam while continuing to do exactly jack and shit in our name.

If you truly do care about veterans issues, I’ve got a nice list if you don’t know where to start. Otherwise, kindly fuck off. Our issues are real and deserve to addressed on their own merits, not treated as talking points and silencing tools.

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