It Is Time To Focus on Writing Again

It Is Time To Focus on Writing Again

by James Landrith 


Recently, I was checking in on old high school classmates and thinking about where they are now versus what they thought they'd be doing. I remembered that one of my senior year photo goals was to become a journalist. Well, I'm not a journalist in the classic sense, but I have been published in many places.


I've had a byline in INTERRACIAL VOICE, All Gulf Vets Magazine, The Multiracial Activist (full disclosure, I founded it), The Abolitionist Examiner (mine as well), Generator 21, Ethocofem, The Good Men Project, ETALKINGHEAD, ChronWatch, The Libertarian Enterprise, PopPolitics, Nashville Digest, L52, Liberty for All and others. I've also been on blogging mastheads for several collaborative weblogs to include the groundbreaking "Stand Down (No War Blog)" project. I was honored to have my thoughts included with that incredible group of thinkers.


After a recent lunch with an old colleague who creates awesome graphic novels and shares a name with an old WWF wrestler (different spelling, same pronunciation), I've realized that it is time to start putting out good content again and in many places, as I did once upon a time. I have that Newstex syndication deal, but my output is not enough to make it a decent source of revenue. Beginning this summer, I will begin writing on my first novel or three. I will also have my website upgraded to the latest version of Joomla with comments reactivated (and the archive restored to active duty for prior articles). I've failed to accomplish that in the past, but I believe that I've finally found a third party app that can handle the database upgrade to the current version without requiring advanced knowledge of SQL or a ridiculous amount of labor. The blog will no longer be an occasional place to cut and paste something I've written on FB or in another publication. It will be a daily writing outlet again on a wider variety of topics.


To start things off, I've been getting rid of distractions or old archives like LiveJournal and Tumblr. My Tumblr account has already been nuked. It was such a cesspool of trollls, haters and mob mentality. Good riddance. Once I've backed up my LiveJournal entries in Evernote, then LJ is gonna get it too. If I can even login to MySpace, my ancient profile there will be archived and then dispatched with extreme prejudice.


I intend to be ready to get it on again come summer. There will be an updated interface, a new look on the website and regular content. I'm getting excited again just writing about it.

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