New Virginia CDL Medical Certification Requirements

For my human resources colleagues:

The Virginia DMV has issued new medical certification requirements for CDL holders.  As the hard copy FAQ and letter sent to one of my drivers seemed to contradict each other, I called the DMV to confirm the changes.  The short of it is that EFFECTIVE 1/30/2012, but NO LATER THAN 1/30/2014, EXISTING licensed as well as new drivers must provide the DMV with a completed Self Certification form (DL8) and if applicable, either a copy of their medical examiner’s certificate (DOT Medical Card) or their state approved medical variance/waiver letter.  If their medical examiner’s certificate indicates that they have been granted a federal waiver exemption and/or skill performance evaluation certificate (SPE) they will also be required to submit a copy of it.  These documents can be faxed, mailed or electronically submitted.

If you have drivers on your payroll, I highly recommend that you take some time to familiarize yourself with these new regulations.


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