Photo Albums Fixed – Sorta

For the longest time, the photo gallery on this site ( has been busted, broke, malfunctioning and otherwise just not working.

I've played at duct-tape and chickenwire solutions, repairing the code myself or installing a different photo album application.  The problem with the latter solution is that many third party apps break when I upgrade the Joomla CMS that runs this website.  This is not a swipe at the developers of these apps, as they are often one or two person operations trying to keep up with Joomla and Mambo releases simultaneously.

So, the solution?  I've moved my photo albums from this website and redirected all of the various links to their new destinations.  The link in the menu on the left now redirects to my Facebook photo album section, while the individual album links buried on other pages or blog entries will automatically redirect to their new albums at Facebook as well.  If you have an individual photo album bookmarked, the old link will still work so you don't need to change them.  If you are a Facebook user and we aren't presently linked, feel free to send a connection invite.

I'm glad to have finally solved this problem and feeling a little silly given how simple the solution was in the end.


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