Galesburg Educrats Backdown from Shameful Stance

The school has seen the light. The students were given their diplomas yesterday afternoon.

Apparently, the thought of actually having to defend "guilt by association" and "children paying for the sins of their parents" in an open court, rather than cowering like arrogant nobles behind the doors of their local educrat fiefdom was too much.

The school district would have lost and likely received a very nasty rebuke from even the most rookie of judges.

From a libertarian perspective, this one is simple. Don't attempt to make kids responsible for the behaviour of other individuals via unenforceable, invalid contracts that substitute individual responsibility for "guilt by association." That concept is not part of our legal system – nor should it be part of our educational system.

Someone in Galesburg was sleeping through their American Government classes…

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  1. I’m glad they got them, but the principal could have at least given the diplomas to the students with an apology.

  2. I agree Andrea. Fortunately, some of the slighted students are going to confront the School Board on Monday to demand apologies.

    It will be interesting to see if the Board has the spine to admit that these students were wronged.

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