Legislating The Closet

Blogger Bryan J. Scrafford on Delegate Matt Lohr's new bill HB 1727:

Since the school board already has to approve of extracurricular activities that take place on school campuses, many people would view this measure as useless because it is highly unlikely that the school board would endorse allowing a student to enroll in a grossly immoral program. The conclusion would logically follow that this is simply a process that might discourage some people from joining the chess club or the debate team.

Of course, the whole point is to make it harder to participate in extracurricular activities – well some activities.  More from Scrafford:

What is most disturbing about this bill, however, is that HB 1727 is, in actuality, simply the ultra conservative right wing yet again trying to place restrictions upon homosexuals. As Kenton and Equality Loudon remind us, there was legislation proposed last year that attacked the Gay Strait Alliance (GSA). Since it is Delegate Lohr who sponsored both bills, Lohr has a history of working against gay rights, he admitted he has concerns about the GSA, and the two bills are similar, I think its safe to say that this is yet another attempt to attack the GSA. And that, my friends, is just completely unacceptable.

Given Lohr's past attempts to legislate morality in the schools and his intolerance of homosexuality, it is safe to say that this bill is particularly meant to affect extracurricular activities such as the GSA.

Once again, Big Government Conservatives are using our schools to push their own private brand of morality.

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  1. And that is a complete horror show. If these people really cared for children, they would realize that groups like that save some kid’s lives; they are gay and feel isolated, and a group of peers can help them get through a tough time.

    Shit, high school is tough enough as it is, without the added pressure of being “different” in such a major way…teen suicide is up up up and nobody seems to really care. It’s all about agenda.

    Eh, screw ’em.

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