Cleaning Up

My blogging has been light lately.  Ya'll know that, so I'll stop insulting your intelligence now.  There is a good reason for my inactivity – and no, I've not been detained by the FBI, CIA or Border Patrol.  At least not yet. Sealed

If you recall, I imported my old WordPress blog entries on April 13, 2006 and needed to re-format them to restore the paragraph breaks and indenting lost in the import process.  That project was slightly derailed over the summer.  Starting in April, there were 1600+ entries in need of format editing.  I've started up again two weeks ago and have about 650 left.  The end is in sight!

Finishing that project so that I can jettison the old WordPress installation ( has been a primary focus the last two weeks.  Nuking the WordPress installation and consolidating the database should also lead to quicker downloads. 

Fear not, I shall return to slaying Big Government Monsters and racialist demons shortly.

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