That Kid Owes Me

For the last month, my nine-year old son has been riding with me to work (one hour each way) since his day camp is about 2 miles from my office.  This has been great as he gets my undivided attention, and I his, for two hours a day, when he isn't napping in the back seat.

I have XM Radio installed in my car as I drive about 60 miles a day on my commute.  I just can't deal with the idiocy that is your normal morning radio show and the playlists on my iPod can get stale on occasion.  Of course, having dated one DJ with a popular morning show and married another DJ, I may have other reasons for avoiding local radio.  Let's not go down that road today.  Anyway, I dig XM Comedy, Sonic TheaterLucy, Fred and Ethel on a regular basis.  However, with my son in the car for the summer I've had to alter my normal listening patterns.

So, for the last month it has been all Radio Disney  – all the time.  Still, there is no reason why I should have to know that Hannah Montana is Miley Cyrus.  I should also not be required to know the words to both of her singles, and those of Aly and AJJesse McCartney, and The Cheetah Girls,

I live in mortal fear that any day now, my Cool Card will be revoked.

The sacrifices we make for our kids…

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