Conservative Thievery (or Deconstructing a Self-Righteous Hypocrite)

George English has the fresh poop on that nasty blonde windbag known as Ann Coulter:

Not surprisingly, this story has really grown legs. I suggest this article, to get you started and read this article, that says, " 'The syndicator of Ann Coulter's newspaper column is looking into allegations that the right-wing pundit has lifted material from other sources,' reports Hillel Italie for the Associated Press."

Can you see me grinning?  Can you hear my maniacal laughter?

Of course you can.  I love it when the terminally self-righteous get smacked upside their empty heads by the open palm of Karmic retribution. 

And stuff.


  1. apparently so…I just read up on Annie and guess what? Sounds like old hat to me. Sheesh, to think, Rose thorns grow everywhere in all kinds of places…naive me. Thanks for opening my eyes to the fact; it helps me understand a former situation a little more…I suppose this should be under another heading in your blogs, but we’ll just let people figure things out on their own.

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