PDA Odyssey II

My Treo 650 took a header into a wall this morning.  The screen was cracked in several places and the casing cracked up around the antenna.  To further complicate matters, Verizon Wireless (I have a different name for this company) screwed up my account by not enrolling me in the insurance program I had selected.  And, of course, they keep changing my data service from unlimited to charging by the download, which requires me to call them twice a month.  I don't recommend this company – not even to my good friend Lord Matt. 

Generally being unenthusiastic about the prospect of having to spend one third of the PDA's value on a replacement screen/digitizer, I visited my old friend and information source TreoCentral.com to look for reputable dealers and alternative solutions in the forum postings.  When in doubt about an application, service provider or piece of palm hardware, I always go to the blogs and forums that specialize in such topics (such as TreoCentral and Yahoo! Groups – Treo).

Delivering the goods as always, TreoCentral gave me an answer I had neglected to consider.  As my phone was less than 90 days old and purchased with an American Express card, it was still covered by the buyer's protection plan.

Well duh James, what were you thinking?  So, here's a special shout out to Imaglione in the forums at TreoCentral for taking the time to point out the obvious.  Sometimes, the obvious needs a big neon sign attached.  As I've never needed to use the buyer's protection plan before, it was not an option I considered until reminded of the coverage by Imaglione's forum posting.

Thanks – you saved me a lot of time and money.

The first PDA Odyssey posting is here.


  1. Excellent! I had to force myself to live without my PDA for a while. It really opened my eyes about how much I relied on that one piece of equipment to organize and maintain information. And god, what would happen if I lost it!

  2. Basically this company has me by the short hairs because they own the equipment in my area. They left me for 2 weeks last year with no phone or DSL access and then tried to dun me for unpaid bills when I had the final payment slip and the cancelled check in my hot little hands.

    James, let us know how it goes with the Buyers Protection plan. And btw, just for the heck of it go to http://www.ripoffreport.com and type in VERIZON.

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