Website Update and Weblog Change

Recently, I redesigned my website ( in order to upgrade my non-blog content from static html pages into a database driven portal (Mambo). Since that project is mostly done (still have a few folders left to play with), I am beginning the process of transferring my WordPress entries (previously moved from Blogger and then to MovableType) into my newly redesigned website db.

Would anyone linking to, please edit your links to point directly to instead? Also, for those reading via RSS readers, please update your feeds via the links on the lower right side of

All new blog entries will be posted on the front page of the website (for their first two weeks or so of life), with the archives stored in the cleverly labeled link on the right (News and Blog Archives). I am currently in the process of transferring the 1900+ entries and associated comments into the new database. Given that no import tool currently exists to transfer WordPress into Mambo, I’m doing it the old fashioned way – cut and paste and edit the date. So far, I’ve moved about 150 entries. It is not as big a project as I thought, given that I’m tackling one month’s entries (or more for those slower months) each evening. Of course, I have several years worth of entries still left…

Thank you for your patience and indulgence as I totally geek out my cyber presence.

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