Website Update: Blogging is Light

I’ve been extremely light in my blogging duties as of late at my personal weblog. I apologize to those of you who visit often – only to be treated to the same old tired post sitting on top for yet another day.

As some of you know, I’ve been furiously reformatting 8 years of static html content for my publication The Multiracial Activist into a MySQL based portal run via the Mambo open source CMS. Back in the day, handcoding each page was a mark of pride and damned near an artform. Well, it is time to be dragged kicking and screaming into a new century. The conversion process for The Multiracial Activist is about 80 percent finished with nearly a thousand pages complete while the redirects for old urls appear to be functioning properly.

When the conversion is complete, I will turn my attention towards testing some of the Mambo blogging components, with the ultimate goal of incorporating A Mixed Blog into the new portal format. This will eliminate the need to duplicate postings and should allow better control of the comments and spammers.

Longtime readers of my website and blog know that most of the html content on that website was converted into a Mambo based portal over a year ago and has been working well in the new format. I still have to finish up about 75 more advocacy and comment letters that were left out of the initial conversion. That will occur this week.

However, I will also be importing my personal blog into the portal section at via the same Mambo blogging component I end up using at The Multiracial Activist. I’ve already moved the journal-type entries and some of the oldest content in the modified “News and Journal” section of A large number of the current newsflash-style blog entries and categories such as Website Updates (and related comments from readers) will also be incorporated into this section. The rantings, ravings and general commentary will end up in separate section, but will all be visible from a central blog link. Until that process begins, I will continue to use the standalone blog.

For today, my weblog has been updated with a bunch of the usual syndicated blogging content I received from the good folks at the Independent Institute over the last few weeks.

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