Pocket PCs Join Palm in Susceptibility

New Scientist reports that Handheld PC virus holds ominous promise:

The first virus designed to infect handheld devices powered by Microsoft’s Windows CE software has renewed debate over whether a flood of mobile malicious software could be on the way.

The new virus, known as “Duts”, has not as yet succeeded in infecting any computers outside of the laboratory. It was developed as a “proof of concept” program by an underground group calling itself 29A. The same group created the first virus for mobile phones, Cabir, in June 2004.

Those of us running Palm powered PDAs have been exposed to virus susceptibility since at least 2000. Folks, remember: just because its a PDA, doesn’t mean that it can’t get a virus. You are far less likely to get a virus on your PDA than you would your PC, but that’s not the same as being invulnerable. Play nice when sharing applications and files. And please, for the love of Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky, keep your viruses to yourself.

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