Occupation Revisited

Elaine Cassel on How Goes the Occupation of Iraq? Ask the Iraqi People:

Americans and the "coalition of the willing" supposedly went into Iraq to make them free. Free for what? Free to have no electricity, security, jobs? Free to have American troops shooting children for throwing rocks? Free to have American troops searching their houses? Free to have American troops make preemptive arrests based upon their possible threat to American interests?

Oh no, see, that's not happening. All Iraqis are dancing in the streets and tearing down statues. Right?!

Do you see a pattern here? Granted, Iraqis might not have had many civil liberties during the reign of Saddam Hussein, but they don't have any during the reign of American occupiers, either. But more to the point, they don't have a country.

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss….

How do you think you would feel if the United States were occupied by Italy, China, or Japan? Choose any country you wish. The occupiers bring in their media, their language, their troops, their law, their managers, their corporations, and you are expected to sit there and watch them. Take over your country, your culture, and your life.

Don't ask such hard questions. Let's Roll. Sheesh.


  1. In the area of political governing structures, we have re- established, at the neighborhood, city, province, national levels, governing bodies. In the major towns of Iraq, 28 of 31 councils have been established. In the security arena, nearly 24,000 Iraqi police are back on the job.

    More than 8,700 facilities’ protective services guards have been hired, and they’re on the streets protecting the critical facilities of Iraq. More than 800 guards are on the job protecting the borders and beginning to take control of Iraq’s borders with its neighbors.

    More than 11,000 have expressed interest in enlisting for the new Iraqi army, with the first battalion of the new Iraqi army that will be civilian-controlled starting to train within 10 days.

    The courts of this country are functioning. They’re taking care of misdemeanors, conducting trials and sentencing misdemeanor crimes. And also we’re beginning to set the conditions in order to be able to try felony cases in the near term.

    In the area of public services, we are working to overcome 30 years of neglect and are faced with a fragile infrastructure that was oftentimes used as a weapon against the people. Electricity is on the verge of hitting the 4,000-megawatt target, which will put the country at about the pre-war levels.

    Oil production is well on the way. The 1 million barrel-per-day mark has already been achieved and oil exports have begun.

    Demonstrations are abundant throughout the country. What a wonderful thing it is to be free to speak our own minds. We have distributed more than $26 million within the coalition forces for quick-impact humanitarian assistance projects. We’ve completed 31,000 projects.

    Gen. Sanchez Press Briefing

    There is page after page of this stuff. Why doesn’t it matter?

    1. We “who” Chuck? You chickenhawk bastards fleeced EVERYONE to enrich the few like Halliburton.

      Do you really think we are fooled? 15 years down the road and shit is all broken again?

      Could you really not see that coming? Or are you just a warmongering idiot?

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