Someone’s Earned a Beatdown

CBC News on Pellet lodges in boy's brain after shooting:

No surgery has been scheduled for a five-year-old boy who was shot in the face with a high-powered pellet gun, doctors in Toronto said Monday.

While the kid will be okay, a few centimeters here or there and he could have been killed or suffered brain damage.

Police say Kadin Kendall was at a bus stop with his mother along with the post-race crowd in Toronto's waterfront area when he was shot.

The pellet was fired from a moving car and lodged in the boy's brain, entering just above his right eye.

I can't imagine how this kid's mother must feel. The rage must be uncontrollable.

Two 18-year-old males and a 17-year-old male appeared in court Monday in connection with the shooting. Jake Joseph Mercure and Stephen Collins are charged with aggravated assault and discharging an air pistol with intent to wound.

I was hoping an angry mob would have gotten to them first. Now we'll be hearing a bunch of ridiculous pandering about how these are good kids or how they were misteated at home. Nonsense. Good kids don't shoot five year olds in the face with pellet guns. Prosecute 'em and lock 'em away.

UPDATE: Apparently a trust fund has been set up for the five year old Kadin Kendall. According to CNEWS:

A trust fund has been set up for Kadin. Donations to the Kadin Kendall Trust Fund can be made to any TD/Canada Trust bank. The account number is 6224279 at branch 0374.


  1. I share your feelings James, but since Kadin is my cousin it’s a little more personal. When I heard what happened, I wanted to fly to Toronto and rip those guys’ arms off and beat them with them. I then thought that if I did take any kind of aggressive action I would be sinking to their level, and that’s not what our society needs, no matter how good it would feel at the time. I just hope that the idiots who shot my cousin will pay for their crimes. Maybe if they go to prison the other inmates might teach them a lesson or two.

    7/20/2003 5:15:00 AM

  2. I was horrified when I read about this insane tragedy. I’m a pretty lame idiot when it comes to being charitable, but now that I have a 2-year old son, I was galvanized into trying to do something for poor little Kadin. I thought of what my son might like and bought a bunch of stuffed toys and sent them to the hospital Kadin was staying in.

    It’s been a while, but I keep searching the Web to see what happened with Kadin. It would be nice if those little freaks who shot him could be sent to Saudi Arabia for a little Sh’aria action, but I realise this is too much to ask. Perhaps a close encounter with Siegfried and Roy’s tigers would be even better.

    Those little bastards need a lot more than a couple of years’ probation, which is all that’s going to happen to them.

    They should understand that they had better NEVER move to Montreal, if they know what’s good for them.

    Here’s hoping Kadin will be 100% fine. I still think of him four months later.


    10/12/2003 8:15:00 AM

  3. I feel so awful for little Kadin and his mom Sarah. I hope all is well with the Kendall family and Kadin can have a good Christmas. I think we need to take a good look at our Young Offenders Act, these punks need a good kick in the ass. Enough is Enough.

    12/12/2003 12:35:00 PM

  4. I’m peronally know one of the accused in this matter since young childhood. I feel horrible for the little boy and his family and I understand that responsibility should have been a big factor within many choices that led up to this horrible act. At the same time being in the shoes I am in, and a soon to be mother, I ask that judgements not be made on those who didn’t commit the act. May God have Kadin under his wing always.

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