Joint Press Conference

There's a joint press conference tomorrow at the National Press Club hosted by Win Without War and Veterans for Common Sense. I'll be in attendance and may or may not speak depending on time constraints. The topics of discussion will be the Bush "1st Strike Doctrine" in Iraq and the administration's proposed $25 billion cut from the Department of Veterans Affairs’ budget over the next ten years. A budget cut of this magnitude will only hurt healthcare and benefits for disabled veterans and their beneficiaries, promised a lifetime of health coverage in return for their voluntary and in many cases, involuntary military service. Details on the press conference are below:

Win Without War & Veterans for Common Sense (VCS)
Joint Press Conference
March 21, 2003 – 1:00 pm
National Press Club, Zenger Room
529 14th Street NW 13th Floor
Washington DC

Update – Press Coverage: 

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