Grow Up Vic

Bad analogy Vic. You are are making excuses. Murder is murder.

From: “Vic Titious”
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 3:54 AM
Subject: Re: [IMC-DC] Grow Up (Comment)

> On Wed, 12 Sep 2001 00:07:11 -0400 Kurt Donaldson
> writes:
> > The sympathy I’ve seen for today’s terrorism in a couple posts sickens
> me.
**** One doesn’t detect “sympathy for terrorism” going around out there…but, instead, plenty of UNDERSTANDING about why desperate, long-abused and devastated people’s might retaliate against their abusers. Many understand the Tuesday plane attacks as not “terrorism”, per se, but anti-terrorism. The things that happened in the US on Sept 11 are pretty much EXACTLY what US activists have been demonized for trying to stop when the US and allies do it overseas.

The apparent retaliation, if that’s what it was, such as it was, and as horrific as it was, came nowhere near what has been done by the US and allies in Iraq and the rest of the Middle East and E. Timor and Yugoslavia and all over the globe. We don’t know yet who the plane-crashers were but there is no shortage of possible suspects with many decades of motives.

Note that the targets were SPECIFICALLY those that were headquarters of the forces that have been and are conducting global corporatzation and militarization programs that have done enormous damage wherever they go. The targets were NOT water and sewage treatment plants, drug supply houses, hospitals, schools, homes, electric power stations, commuinications systems or national monuments or cultural sites.

The Pentagon and theWorld Traders have dumped unimaginable horrors on others around the world and, on Tuesday, just SOME of it was returned to sender. The “message” seemed to be “STOP!” rather than any eye-for-an-eye thing. Those relatives/friends of innocent people in New York, those in the airplanes, and whatever innocents there may have been in the Pentagon, who were horribly affected by this, along with every other threatened person in the country, ought to be damn outraged at the original dumper, namely, the US Corporate/Military State.

It is not great to compare people to animals, but…if a long-beaten dog finally bites the abuser, do we simply say “bad dog!” ? Do we punish it?? Time to say Stop the Abuse.

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