Chapter 1: Commission Findings and Recommendations

Chapter 1

Commission Findings and Recommendations

The Secretary of Defense, in compliance with Public Law 101-510, as amended, officially transmitted his recommendations for base closures and realignments to the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission on February 28, 1995. The Commission held 13 investigative hearings, conducted 206 fact-finding visits to 167 military installations and activities, held 16 regional hearings nationwide, listened to hundreds of Members of Congress, and received hundreds of thousands of letters from concerned citizens from across the country. By June 22, 1995, the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission had completed its review and analysis of the Secretarys recommendations, and began its final, two days of deliberations, all in public. This chapter contains a summary of the Commissions findings and its recommendations for closures and realignments.

Information on each of the Commissions base closure and realignment decisions is presented below. The paragraphs entitled Secretary of Defense Recommendations and Secretary of Defense Justifications were taken verbatim from the Department of Defense Base Closure and Realignment Report dated March, 1995. The paragraphs entitled Community Concerns provide a brief summary of arguments presented to the Commission by local communities; they are not all-inclusive. Where applicable, substantial deviations from the application of the force-structure plan and final criteria are identified.

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