Blacks Seek Voice

October 1988

Blacks Seek Voice

Illinois Central College – The Harbinger

October 1988

by James A. Landrith

Recently, the idea of a black student organization has been brought to light. This idea, however, is not new to ICC. Groups have tried and failed in the past, the most prominent was Ebony in 1978.

A spokesperson for the newly formed organization, Ya Londa Simmons, expressed concerns for the group’s success, saying “It’ll just take time.”

Simmons said that this organization will serve as “a support group, both socially and academically.”

The organization adopted a constitution on Oct. 10. They have yet to choose a name and elect officers. Simmons cited November as the goal to be organized and working.

The organization plans to sponsor study groups, test files, a fashion show (open to the public), dances, canned food and toy drives. Members also plan to speak to are high schools about ICC and hopefully promote a better image of the college and encourage enrollment. No dates have been set for these activities as of yet.

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