Letter to the Leadership of Gila Regional Medical Center Regarding Abusive Medical Searches

Letter to the Leadership of Gila Regional Medical Center:


As a male rape survivor, I was disgusted to read about your hospital's collusion in the physical assault and indignities visited upon David Eckert. The whole world knows what your hospital did now as this is international news. To further compound the injury, I was outright flabbergasted that you tried to extort $6,000 out of this man after the monsters who violated their hippocratic oaths subjected him to multiple invasive and involuntary bodily searches.

Each one of you should be ashamed for the conduct of your staff and the unforgivable manner in which your hospital handled this man's body, his dignity and for having the dishonesty to try and steal thousands from a person you so callously injured.

You owe a lot more than you can ever repay this man and the community will sit in judgment on you for your unwillingness to side with the patient over money and the political authority of a police force completely out of control.

You should be ashamed. This is a crime and it is unforgivable.




James A. Landrith, Jr.







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