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Jacob Taylor of Toy Soldiers on "Oh Dear… ":

Hugo Schwyzer does not like my Good Men Project article. According to his twitter feed, my article is “Most dishonest thing I’ve see at @goodmenproject: ‘Women Rape Boys Too’ … Conflates rape stats with other abuse stats.”

I am not sure how I conflated rape statistics with other abuse statistics given that all the examples were specifically about sexual abuse. The editors on GMP did not include the links to the studies and articles, but I did include them in my version of the post. Anyone who reads them would see that I am not confusing physical or emotional abuse with sexual abuse.

It is rather egregious to accuse me of deliberately misrepresenting statistics without citing a single example of me doing so. Obviously Schwyzer could not do that on twitter, but he did not cite anything in his response on GMP either.  It takes little effort to accuse someone of lying, but I think a person should invest some time in proving that claim if they going to go on a twitter rant over it.

Schwyzer and his dittoheads, while not going away, are in for a rude awakening. Male survivors of sexual violence are not going to sit idly by while people who aren't stakeholderrs in our healing peddle misinformation and half-truths intended to minimize, re-wound and silence actual, living, breathing sexual violence survivors for the sake of their academic or political arguments. We are done sitting in the corner and in the dark, with our heads hung low.

He just might as well get some better earplugs. While only recently have we begun to find our voice, some of us can be pretty damned loud.

There is a storm brewing in the male survivor community and things ARE going to change.  You can help or you can ignore us, but you can no longer expect to brazenly hinder us without consequence.  Those days are officially over.

Get ready.

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