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I was contacted by a representative of the Empowerment Theatre Company who requested permission to use an account of my own rape as part of a theatre performance focusing on rape and sexual abuse survival. While I am across the Atlantic and unable to attend their performances, I know there are readers who live in the U.K. and may be able to support the Theatre and their mission.

They have a Facebook group and website currently under construction, links below:

From their website:

The Empowerment Theatre Company is an ensemble of performers, based in Norwich, Norfolk, dedicated to working for and with the survivors of sexual assault and rape. Our services will also be available to relatives and friends of survivors who have been affected by the trauma of sexual violence.

The company uses inclusive theatre techniques to create a ‘safe’ environment for survivors to explore their issues in a creative and positive way. The ultimate aim for the organisation is to help survivors and create a positive outcome of an intensely negative situation. We will focus on the effects of abuse and violence, and on the stories of the individuals. By doing this the Empowerment Theatre Company will be able to devise a piece of theatre to take to community audiences that will raise awareness of the effects of rape and alter the attitudes of the general public to this crime and what it means to the individual.

Our main aims are:

  • To engage with survivors and their friends and family that have been affected by rape and sexual assault.
  • To build a creative theatre company working as an ensemble to create quality theatre/performance/art.
  • To further devise a method of working specifically for members of the community who are affected by sexual violence.
  • To be available to the community to raise awareness of the strength of survivors and to assist any other organisations with similar aims and objectives in an outreach capacity.

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