On Duty

On Duty

The Pantagraph

January 1, 1991

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On duty

Published: January 1, 1991

Section: NEWS

Page: A6

This is an updated list of military personnel with Central Illinois ties who are stationed in the Persian Gulf region. The names, in alphabetical order, have been sent at the request of The Pantagraph.

Army Pvt. Jeffrey S. Anderson, son of William T. and Norita Anderson, R.R. 1, Saybrook. Army Pfc. Thomas Jay Anderson, son of Tom and De Anderson, 1101 S. Maple St., Bloomington. Marine Cpl. Joseph Ansley, son of Elaine Ansley, Lincoln. Army Pfc. Jon C. Arnold, son of Diana L. Arnold, Hudson, and John Arnold, Colorado.
Air Force 2nd Lt. Jonathan C. Bachtold, son of Roger and Shirlene Bachtold, Fairbury. Army Sgt. Kevin E. Bailey, son of Robert Bailey, 301 S. Low St., Bloomington, and Lulu Belle Holland, Macomb. Marine Cpl. Steven L. Baird, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Baird, R.R. 1, Hudson. Staff Sgt. Gilbert Dean Baker Jr., husband of Gail Russell Baker and son of Gilbert and Barbara Baker, 921 S. Linden St., Normal. Army Cpl. Dan Barnes, son of Edward H. Barnes, 6 Cherrywood Lane, Bloomington, and MaryAnn Barnes, 106 W. Cypress St., Normal. Army Sgt. Gary L. Bashford, husband of Normalynne Bashford, Fairbury, and son of Cathie Bashford, Fairbury, and Floyd Bashford, El Paso.

Army Staff Sgt. Jerry C. Bean, husband of Julie A. Bean, Pontiac. Army Sgt. William D. Blair, son of Wanda and Dale Blair, 225 Highland Drive, Bloomington. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Kevin C. Blake, son of Peggy Blake, 407 E. Locust St., Bloomington, and Gary Blake, 1114 N. Oak St., Normal. Army Spec. 4 Brett A. Blanchard, son of Ronald L. and Ruth Blanchard, 904 S. Fell Ave., Normal. Marine Lance Cpl. Ken Blazek, son of Wayne and Linda Blazek, Weldon. Army Pfc. George W. Blue Jr., son of George W. Blue Sr., rural Streator, and Teresa J. Blue, Streator. Army Spec. Brian L. Boring, son of Ron and Judy Boring, Hudson. Airman 1st Class Mark J. Brackenhoff, son of Don and Darby Brackenhoff, Farmer City. Army Pfc. Jason Bradford, son of Janice Stark and Jim Bradford, both of Bloomington. Army Spec. James A. Brady, son of Virgil and Janet Brady, Clinton. Army Pfc. Dan Bragg, son of Jerry and Marlene Bragg, Lincoln, and Cora Young, Springfield, and grandson of Francis and May Bragg, Lincoln. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew J. Bray, son of JoAnn Stephens, R.R. 4, Bloomington, and Jack Bray, Clinton. Army Sgt. Daniel D. Brown, grandson of Frank Kaup, Atlanta. Airman 1st Class Matt Brownfield and his wife, Airman 1st Class Stacy Brownfield, son and daughter-in-law of Ron and Marsha Brownfield, 1330 Beverly Lane, Bloomington. Marine Cpl. Bryan Byrd, son of Ted and Rhonda Byrd, Flanagan.

Airman 1st Class Ralph T. Carey, son of Ralph Carey, 1115 W. College Ave., Normal. Army Spec. 4 James E. Carlson, son of Judy Carlson, 103 S. Blair Drive, Normal, and the late Fred Carlson. Marine Staff Sgt. Kiplyn W. Carpenter, son of Cecil and Janet Carpenter, Minier. Navy Lt. j.g. Angela Ruth Carter, daughter of John W. and Rozanne Carter, 1206 Valentine Drive, Normal. Navy Seaman Darren Case, son of Delmar and Carolyn Case, Gibson City. Marine Sgt. Scott Chisman, son of Duane and Janice Chisman, 125 Cheltenham Drive, Normal. Army Sgt. Danh Chu, foster son of Dick and Chris Beebe, Pontiac. Navy Seaman Scott Clark, grandson of Monroe and Mildred Hall, 404 Centennial Ave., Normal. Army Sgt. Robin K. Cook, daughter of Sharon Graves, Danvers, and David Graves, Riverview, Fla. Army Staff Sgt. Larry Corrigan, son of William and Rosemarie Corrigan, Pontiac. Army 1st Lt. Angela Cotton, daughter of Rick and Shirley Leveque, R.R. 1, Bloomington. Army Staff Sgt. W. Jeff Creek, son of Jeanne Creek, DeLand. Army 1st Lt. Galyn L. Cross and Army Sgt. Daniel A. Cross, sons of David and Donna Cross, rural Emden.

Army Spec. 4 Mark D. Dean, husband of Billie Jo Dean, Normal, and son of Ann Kerrick, Bloomington. Marine Cpl. David M. Dehority, son of Bill and Barbara Dehority, 1223 Sandburg Drive, Bloomington. Marine 1st Lt. William C. Doud son of Dr. and Mrs. David Doud, 1 Kenyon Court, Bloomington. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class David R. Downs, son of Jennifer Downs, Bloomington, and Garry Downs, Atlanta, Ga. Air Force Sgt. Charles B. Drane, son of Delores Carmody, 2445C S. Main St., Bloomington. Army Pfc. Todd E. Drought, son of Merlin and Lorraine Drought, 915 W. Olive St., Bloomington. Marine Sgt. Andrew P. Dunlap, son of Cyrus and Vivian Dunlap, Odell. Navy Seaman Brad Dyson, son of Loren and Kathie Dyson, Towanda.

Army Pvt. Shawn Marie Eardley, daughter of Marlene and Gene Sylvester, 1324 Dillon Drive, Normal, and Richard Eardley, Rock Island. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Patricia L. Ebey, daughter of Betty Ebey, 1017 Morgan St., Normal.

Army Pfc. Earl T. Eckert, son of Paul and Vicki Eckert, Atlanta. Army Sgt. David A. Edie, son of Don and Carlun Edie, Washington. Army Spec. 5 Anthony M. Eigenbrod, son of Roger and Sheila Lay, Delavan. Marine Sgt. Timothy Elyea, son of Karen Short, 613 Sixth St., Northmeadow Village, Normal. Navy Airman Daniel M. Evans, son of Alicia Evans, 1019 Morgan St., and Mark Evans, 3 Walton Place, both in Normal.

Army Staff Sgt. Jerry S. Farrell, son of John and Sue Farrell, Waynesville. Navy Airman Ronald F. Faust, son of Ronald and Vicki Faust, Pontiac. Marine 1st Lt. Bradley A. Fish, son of the late George Fish, and Thomas and Karen Kuhn, 2003 Oakwood Ave., Bloomington. Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael Fitzpatrick, son of Owen and Mary Anne Fitzpatrick, 704 E. Landau Lane, Normal. Army Sgt. Fred Fleming, son of Don Fleming, 2 Felton Place, Bloomington. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Paul L. Fletcher, husband of Rene Fletcher, and son of Maritta L. Zimmerman, both of Lincoln; and son of Michael and Cleo Fletcher, Lincoln. Army Pfc. Steven Fones, son of Jack and Jenniver Isaacs, Farmer City, and John Fones, Bloomington. Army Pvt. Scott E. Ford, son of Roger and Alora Ford, Melvin. Marine Lance Cpl. David A. Freeman, and Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew G. Freeman, sons of Greg and Victoria Freeman, 1707 Ebel Drive, Normal.

Marine Cpl. Patrick G. Gardner, son of Martin E. and Mae Gardner, Gibson City. Army Staff Sgt. Paul J. Gastelum, son of Mary T. Gastelum, 706 Chester Drive, Normal. Army Reserve Spec. 4 Troy M. Gensler, and Army Reserve Sgt. Timothy J. Gensler, sons of Thomas and Sandra Gensler, rural Toluca. Airman 1st Class John S. Gollahon, son of Cynthia Matteson and stepson of Scott Matteson, 305 Goldenrod Road, Bloomington. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Brian S. Grabow, son of Walt and Mary Grabow, 1416 Westview Drive, Normal. Navy Seaman Brian L. Grant, son of Ron and Rolene Jenkins, R.R. 2, Streator. Sgt. David A. Green, son of Mary L. Green, 13 Ardith Drive, Normal. Army Cpl. Frederick R. Groves, son of Fred and Nanette Groves, 206 Bird Court, Normal. Army Staff Sgt. Thomas L. Groves, son of Roy and Carol Stephenson, Clinton. Richard D. Gudenrath, son of Dale Gudenrath, Melvin, and Jane Manahan, Belen, N.M.

Ethel May Hainline, daughter of Bill and Betty Gilmer, Lincoln. Army Reserve Pvt. 2nd Class Timothy J. Hall, son fo William and Vicki Hall, 301 Raab Road, Normal. Donald Hammond, son of Dorothy Hammond, Fairbury. Army Pfc. Mark L. Hays, husband of Denise Hays, Pontiac, and Army Spec. 4 Scott A. Hays, husband of Kelly Hays, also of Pontiac. Army Sgt. J. Todd Hedgcock, son of W. Robert Hedgcock, Clinton. Navy Airman Jeffrey Hickerson, son of Kent and Merla Hickerson, Clinton. Army Spec. Jeffrey E. Hobson, husband of Cheryl Hobson, 501 W. MacArthur St., Bloomington. Army Spec. 4 Bryan Hoggins, son of Hugh and Dory Hoggins, El Paso, and Melvin and Judy Sykes, Pontiac. Army Sgt. 1st Class Norman Richard Homan, son of Edna Homan, 710 W. Orlando Ave., Normal. Marine Lance Cpl. Mark M. Hovious, son of Mike and Denni Hovious, Streator. Air Force Sgt. Mitchell L. Huff, stepson of Larry Winterland, Colfax.

Army Spec. Curtis Jones, son of Ed and Sharon Jones, Danvers. Army Sgt. Brian K. Jordan, son of Merle and Mary Wolfe, 713 Hale St., Normal.

Marine Capt. Terry William Keith, son of Pat and Patty Keith, Pontiac. Navy Airman Michael J. Kennedy, son of Jim and Bert Kennedy, Pontiac. Army Pfc. Wade Kirkpatrick, son of Ed and Nancy Kirkpatrick, rural Saybrook. Navy Seaman Brian S. Knapp, son of Bob Knapp, 5 Paul Court, Bloomington, and Juddy Huff, 163 Marllin St., Southgate Estates.

Marine Lance Cpl. James Landrith Jr., son of James A. and Mary Landrith, Deer Creek. Navy Seaman Donald E. Lange, son of Donald and Barbara Lange, Melvin. Army Spec. 4 James T. Laskowski, son of Tom and Linda Laskowski, Towanda. Pvt. 2 Timothy E. Laskowski, son of Jesse and Carol Laskowski, 702 E. Lincoln St., Bloomington. Army Spec. Rebecca Lauritsen, daughter of Allan and Billie Dillon, Odell, and Jim Lauritsen, Dwight. Air Force Capt. Richard Leibach, son of Fred and Shirley Leibach, R.R. 7, Bloomington. Army Pfc. James K. LeGrand, son of Viva LeGrand, Normal, and Gene LeGrand, Bloomington. Navy Seaman Brad Leuck, son of Marv and Gerry Leuck, R.R. 1, Bloomington. Army Pfc. Lori Leininger and Navy Hospital Apprentice Scott Leininger, daughter and son of Jerry and Cynthia Leininger, 1007 W. Taylor St., Bloomington.

Marine Sgt. W. H. Mackenzie, son of Donna Mackenzie, 101 E. MacArthur Ave., Bloomington. Navy Seaman Apprentice Noble Manley III, son of Jacqueline Manley, 823 W. Mill St., Bloomington, and Noble Manley II, Charlotte, N.C. Army Pfc. Ronald Ferguson-Mapes, son of Lynn Ferguson-Mapes, 1338 13th St., Hilltop Mobile Home Court, Bloomington. Army 1st Sgt. Gary E. Marquardt, son of Carl and Margie Marquardt, 1012 N. Park St., Bloomington. Army Spec. Paul W. Martin, son of Charles and Debbie Mratin, 2208 Hedgewood Drive, Bloomington. Army Pvt. 2 Jerrold L. Mathia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold E. Mathia, Pontiac. Army Spec. Travis S. Maxwell, son of Donald and Carol L. Roberts, Ellsworth, and their son-in-law, Army Pfc. William D. Caldwell. Army Pfc. Jody P. May, son of Larry P. and Betty Taylor, Minonk. Sgt. Brent McCloy, son-in-law of Robert and Wilma Roberts, Minier. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Kenneth McCrory, son of Donald and Lola McCrory, El Paso. Army Reserve Sgt. Bruce McDonald, Farmer City, son of Joni McDonald. Army Spec. Duane J. McGowen, son of Bertha A. McGowen, and Robert McGowen, both of Bloomington. Marine Cpl. Fred A. Miller, son of Fred H. and Deloris Miller, Clinton. Army Capt. Scott Milliren, son of Joellen Evans of Towanda and Alan Milliren, Charleston, S.C. Navy Seaman Paul Moberly, son of Tom and Judy Moberly, 906 Ironwood Drive, Normal. Army Spec. Raymond E. Myers, son of Sharon Myers, 1917 Trace Drive, Bloomington.

Marine Lance Cpl. John Needles, son of Barton and Ginny Needles, McLean. Army Pvt. John Nutt, son of John and Kathy Nutt, Roanoke.

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class David R. Page, son of Jack and Karin Martin, Downs. Army Pfc. Donald Parido, husband of Darla Parido, and son of Juanita and Don Parido Sr., all of Lexington. Navy Seaman Apprentice Thomas D. Phelps, son of Clyde and Donna Phelps, East Peoria. Air Force Staff Sgt. Randy D. Pitzer, son of Alice C. Pitzer, 710 W. Orlando Ave., Normal. Chaplain Maj. John Prendergast, son of Audrey Prendergast, Streator.

Army Capt. David Quinn, formerly of Clinton, and his wife, Capt. Terri Quinn. He is the brother of John Quinn, Clinton.

Marine Lance Cpl. Clint R. Ramsey, son of Bob and Barb Ramsey, R.R. 1, El Paso. Air Force Sgt. James T. Ray II, son of the Rev. and Mrs. Tracy Ray, Clinton. Air Force Sgt. David Rhodes, son of Fred and Anna Marie Rhodes, El Paso. Marine Cpl. George L. Redmon, son of Avelee and Bonnie Redmon, DeLand. Navy Seabee James Renken, son of Ed and Sheila Renken, Minonk. Army Warrant Officer 2nd Class Paul Reynolds, son of Dick and Joanne Vollmer, Farmer City, and Mel Reynolds, Farmer City. Army Spec. 4 Scott E. Rickel, son of George and Jane Rickel, 1401 Kingsridge Drive, Normal. Army Sgt. William Rinaldo, son of Mike and Joan Rinaldo, Varna. Army Spec. Russell R. Robbins Jr., husband of Christen Robbins, Arrowsmith, and son of Russell and Patricia Robbins, Saybrook. Army Sgt. Kirk Robison, son of Kenneth and Alice Robison, Atlanta. Navy Master Arms 1st Class David W. Robinson, son of Jim and Eileen Robinson, Pontiac. Navy Operations Specialist 1st Class Frank Rodriguez, son of Janet Baker, Hallsville. Navy Ensign Deborah Rohrschneider, daughter of Larry and Kay Woodson, Heyworth. Marine Shawn Rousey, grandson of Dottie Callans, a resident of Scotchwood Health Care Center, 1925 S. Main St., Bloomington. Marine Lance Cpl. Doug Ruff, son of Lyle and Linda Ruff, Lincoln.

Army Maj. Kevin K. Schultz, son of Charles and Marga Schultz, LeRoy. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Steve Shadday, son of Russ and Marge Shadday, rural Downs. Army Col. James H. Simms, son of Roy and Anna Simms, 1127 N. Colton Ave., Bloomington. Air Force Sgt. Jeffrey S. Singleton, son of Jeff and Annie Singleton, Lincoln. Army Sgt. J. Reed Smith, son of Robert and Carol Ayers, 3003 Lisa Drive, Bloomington. Army Pfc. Robert E. Snyder, son of Jim and Shannon Snyder, Cornell. Army Spec. Keith A. Spilmon, son of Elmer and Maxine Spilmon, Clinton. Army Cpt. Robert Starr, son of Dale and Ruth Starr, R.R. 1, LeRoy. Army Capt. Donald D. Stenzel, son of Carol Stenzel, R.R. 1, Wenona. Air Force Staff Sgt. Brad Stevenson, son of Ron and Willy Stevenson, 101 Evergreen Lane, Bloomington. Air Force Airman John W. Strawn Jr., son of John and Annetta Strawn, Carlock. Air Force Senior Airman Charles E. Sullivan, son of John L. and Nancy Sullivan, 1711 Tompkins Drive, Normal. Marine Cpl. Carl J. Sullivan, son of John L. and Nancy Sullivan, 1711 Tompkins Drive, Normal. Marine Cpl. Charles E. Summers, son of Jim and Nancy Johnson, El Paso, and Charles and Cheryl Summers, Low Moor, Iowa. Marine Bret H. Swanson, son of DeWitt and Joyce Swanson, Bloomington, and son-in-law of Frank and Maria Schuler, 1303 Townley Drive, Bloomington. Army Pvt. Andrew E. Sylvester, son of Kenneth and Patricia Sylvester, 1708 Fairfield Drive, Normal.

Navy Seaman Christopher Eugene Taylor, son of James and Laura Taylor, 1511 W. Locust St., Bloomington. Pfc. Robert Taylor, grandson of Lula Taylor, 1410 W. Locust St., Bloomington, and William and Ruth McGath, 1203 Eastholme Ave., Bloomington. Air Force Cpt. Lewis A. Thorp, son of Ernest N. Thorp, R.R. 3, Clinton. Army Spec. Rita Tompkins and Army Sgt. Bruce Tompkins, daughter and son-in-law of Ron and Mary Gossett, Mackinaw. Army Spec. Brian L. Travis, son of Robert and Diane Travis, Forrest. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class David J. Tucker, son of Fran Wilson, 1108 W. Grove St., Bloomington, and Robert A. Tucker, Forrest. Army Pfc. Daniel J. Twyford, son of Gloria Oesch, 107 Moore St., Bloomington, and Richard Twyford, Downs.

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Duane VanDuyn, son of Beth VanDuyn, 1241 Mount Vernon Drive, Bloomington. Navy Chief Petty Officer David L. Vaught, son of Barbara Jean Vaught, 1011 W. Seminary St., Bloomington, and David L. Vaught, Columbus, Ohio.

Army Spec. James N. Wager, husband of Ayrel Wager, Chenoa. Navy Operations Spec. Timothy R. Wagner, son of Robert and Martha Beckley, R.R. 1, Fairbury.

Army Pfc. Martin C. Walsberg, son of Patricia Hepperly and Norman Walsberg, both of Pontiac. Marine Sgt. Roderick E. Walters, son of William and Sharon Walters, Minier. Air Force Airman 1st Class Michael T. Werschey, son of Mike and Sue Werschey, Lincoln. Marine Cpl. Rodney D. Wert, wife of Jennifer Wert and son of Dale and Sue Wert, 1007 E. Taylor St., Bloomington.
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Thomas G. Wertheim, son of Tom and Connie Wertheim, Atlanta. Air Force Staff Sgt. Christopher William White, son of William and Ann White, 1205 Westview Drive, Normal. Army Spec. 4 Michael White, son of Marlon and Doris White, DeLand. Army Pfc. Timothy A. White, son of Jean Ann Winston, LeRoy, and Daniel E. White, Woodbridge, Va. Army Sgt. Kent L. Whitehouse, son of Kenneth and Juanita Whitehouse, R.R. 1, Bellflower. Army Reserve Spec. Steve Wibben, son of John Wibben, Emden, and Esther Sparks, Lincoln. Army 1st Lt. Steven C. Wiegers, and Army 1st Lt. Scott L. Wiegers, sons of Shirley Wiegers, R.R. 3, Pontiac. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Kevin Wilkins, son of Mary Lou Wilkins, McLean, and Thirstle Wilkins, Atlanta. Lance Cpl. Christopher Williams, who was reared by Christina Warren, 713 W. Locust St., Bloomington. Marine Lance Cpl. Scott E. Williams, son of Gene Williams, Minier, and Nancy Hassebrock, Lincoln. Airman 1st Class Michael Willis, son of Dorris Willis, Kempton, and Gary Willis, Clifton. Army Pfc. Roger Wilsdorf, son of Bernd and Rita Wilsdorf, Morton. Army Spec. Robert Winston, son of Lynn Winston, 335 Hilltop Court, Bloomington, and the late Jon Winston, LeRoy. Army Pfc. Michael D. Woodbury, son of David and Sharon Woodbury, 2509 Blarney Stone Lane, Bloomington. Army Spec. James B. Woolford, son of Howard and Delores Tuck, Streator. Marine Cpl. Larry A. Wyatt, son of Larry and Sharon Wyatt, 11 Riser Ave., Bloomington.

Air Force 1st Lt. Rick Yoder, son of Merle and Itsuko Yoder, rural Forrest. Navy Lt. Andrew L. York III son of Lee and Jeanette York, 9 Fisher Drive, Bloomington.

The Pantagraph will continue to accept the names of area service personnel who have been sent to the gulf region. The information, including their name, service branch, rank, and parents’ names and addresses, should be addressed to “Gulf Service,” The Pantagraph, 301 W. Washington St., P.O. Box 2907, Bloomington 61702-2907.

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