• Calling Out the “Moral” Pro-Killing Christian Subculture

    Laurence M. Vance, writing for LewRockwell.com, on Charles Spurgeon on Christian War Fever:

    We know all too well about Christian war fever ƒ€“ that sickening blind worship of the state that elevates George W. Bush to Messiah status and seeks to justify his immoral, unscriptural, unconstitutional war in Iraq by incessantly repeating the mantras "obey the powers that be" and "God is a God of war." But who is Charles Spurgeon and why should we care what he said about war?

    Read the rest here. And please, stop justifying the murder of Muslim children (via American bombs and scared 19 year olds with rifles) with your Christian Bible.

    Even a long-time agnostic heathen like me can grok Charles Spurgeon's point about the difference between a spiritual war for one's soul and a physical war that ends mortal lives.

    There is absolutely nothing Christian or moral about making excuses for killing other people's children. And for the record, "because Bush said so" is really not a good reason. And yes, I've actually been given that "logic" firsthand by so-called "Christian" cowards unwilling to serve themselves, but who are quite content to distort Scripture and engage in all manner of bullshit justification to excuse and prolong this senseless and costly war.

    And I have little use or love for such individuals who would act as cheerleaders for the raw power of State violence.

    I just can't see the morality or spirituality in government sponsored murder.

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