Ferguson, Missouri is a Real Place and Michael Brown was a Real Person

I cannot imagine how painful it must be for the family of Michael Brown and the city of Ferguson to witness all of the political posturing by opportunists on the left and the right. Some on the right are hell-bent on characterizing an entire community as rioting thugs, while some on the left are exploiting the tragedy to take childish and ignorant potshots at people who don't share their own political compass. Neither has the moral high ground here.


As someone who lost a family member in a violent act, I can only imagine the fear that comes with turning on the television, reading social media or seeing a newspaper. It must extremely disheartening to see their family and their community used in such a callous, calculated and compassionless manner.

Honestly, it disgusts me. For those taking advantage, using the death of a human being, and the pain of a community for political gain and partisan posturing – fuck all ya'll.

You lack the most important of human traits – empathy and compassion. Someone is dead and a community is in mourning while you posture and peacock over bullshit political preferences. I have no use for such people and see you as 100% part of the problem.

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