• Lord Matt – Wrong Yet Again

    That Lord Matt fool is at it again here and here.  You know, the same fool who thinks it is funny to refer to the father of half-black children as a "monkey boy."  Yes, that racist fool.

    He takes exception to my posting style and is, of course, attempting to start another fight in order to distract from the fact that he has no integrity and outright lied in this posting.  If he possessed an ounce of maturity he would have posted a real apology and ended it there instead of continuing to pick a fight out of shame.  His continuned childish behaviour (which he confuses with humour) speaks volumes about his character and general lack of integrity.  A man who cannot seriously admit his shortcomings and apologize for same without soft-pedaling his admission is not a real man.  He is a child masquerading as a man.

    This time, he has accused me of trolling on his website.  Let's see.  I linked to one of his postings (which was created by Matty boy in a fit of rage and contained a very big lie about me) from my website, but I have never commented on his blog and he has never commented on my blog.  I've also read many of his postings, as a few of them are actually interesting on occasion, but I have not posted anywhere on his web site.  In order for me to commit trolling, I would need to post on his web site.  Claims to the contrary are as valid as Matty's prior claim that he had proven I ran  a website I had never visited.  Anyone get the feeling that this guy shoots first and verifies facts later/never?  You know, like a hyper-emotional child who lacks the maturity to regulate his own mouth.

    He needs to get his facts straight and post the IP address of the person he says is trolling and posting nonsense in his comments.

    Sorry Matty, it ain't me, no matter how much you want it to be me in order to hide the embarrassment you feel about your misdeeds.

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  1. Mid says:

    cuz he certainly fits the description…same m o…same foul mouth…same stupid responses. Nothing to indicate any sense of propriety, decency, or moral discernment. I won\’t give either of them my time. As much as I have wanted to blow both of them away with many testimonies and documentation, I\’ve learned the hard way that there is no reasoning with an empty mind.

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