Kangaroo Blues

Deborah Charles of Reuters on Military Lawyer Slams U.S. Terrorism Tribunals:

The U.S. Marine Corps lawyer assigned to defend an Australian terror suspect being held at the Guantanamo naval base in Cuba Wednesday criticized the military tribunal process and said it will not allow a fair trial.

Maj. Michael Mori, who in November was assigned to be the military attorney for David Hicks — an Australian held at the U.S. military prison in Cuba — said the system set up by the Pentagon for trials of non-U.S. citizens captured during what U.S. officials call the war on terror was unfair.

"The military commissions will not provide a full and fair trial," Mori told a news conference. "The commission process has been created and controlled by those with a vested interest only in convictions."

"Fairness is extremely important in all cases, particularly those that have commanded such international attention and will have international impact," he said.

This is the reason I signed my publication The Multiracial Activist on to a joint Statement of Principles expressing concerns for this kangaroo court system.

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