Veterans for Common Sense News Update

Air Force Times: Experimental Anthrax Vaccine No Longer Necessary
Posted: 2003-12-30 12:41:00.000

Their Photos Tell the Story
Posted: 2003-12-31 07:33:00.000

A Soldier’s Return, to a Dark and Moody World
Posted: 2003-12-31 07:36:00.000

Some words better left unuttered
Posted: 2003-12-31 07:38:00.000

The U.S. Winked at Hussein’s Evil
Posted: 2003-12-31 07:41:00.000

Update: Guilty Plea by Texan Who Built “Sodium-Cyanide Bomb” for use by Racist Hate Group
Posted: 2003-12-31 07:43:00.000

** Breaking News ** DoD Reports up to 22,000 U.S. Casualties
Posted: 2003-12-31 13:08:00.000

Are the Fitzgeralds Up To The Roves?
Posted: 2004-01-02

“Fraud, Waste and Abuse” – DoD Spends $20 Million on More Experimental Anthrax Shots
Posted: 2004-01-03 15:41:00.000

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